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Are you widowed and don't know where to start when it comes to dating again? Oklahoma Singles is part of the largest personal matchmaking network in the area to assist you in finding new love and companionship. Our matchmakers will introduce you to like-minded, quality singles that match your fundamental values and goals. Our extensive database of singles includes relationship minded singles that are on the same quest to find love. With local offices in Broken Arrow, it has never been easier to find that someone special.

Safety and Privacy are #1

Oklahoma Singles knows the importance of safety when it comes to dating. We provide background screening on all of our clients before they can become members. You can’t get that assurance with an online service. We also guarantee that your profile is completely private and there are no pictures online where everyone can see.

A Trusted Service with Years of Success

  • Guaranteed Introductions
  • No Online Photos or Profiles
  • Your Membership is Private and Confidential
  • Meet Local Relationship-Minded Singles
  • Each New Client has a Background Screening

Meeting Singles Has Never Been Easier

Clients are surprised how easy it is to get started meeting selective singles through Oklahoma Singles. Most widows never imagine that they would be single and face the reality of dating again. Our matchmakers are sympathetic and understand what you are going through. They are there to walk you through the process and coach you along this new found journey. To get started, simply fill out our registration form for a complimentary consultation.

“Hello Nicole,

I would first like to confirm that I wish to be place on hold while I get to know Pat.

To describe the qualities I see in Pat. Well let me see, she is a very nice lady, she is kind, hardworking, independent, smart, easy to talk to. She is a Christian, not just a church attender but the real deal. Pat is a very nice-looking lady and she is a lady through and through. Pat has standards based on the Bible, not the world, and that's a quality that's hard to find. Although everyone has some baggage, Pat only has a carryon bag and because I have some baggage as well. But a carryon bag is easier to handle and deal with. Both of us losing a spouse and have dealt with this so it's OK, and we understand. Pat and I hit it off from the start, I think we have a lot in common and that helps. I just like Pat very much and I also like her family and that really helps, so what can I say.

You did a really great job with this introduction. Thanks again once again